My corner on the internet

It is 2024 and personal websites are hardly a thing anymore on the web. As a UI designer, it is both trendy and semi-required to have a portfolio. As such, I have always had a website of some sort. But over the years, I have realized that a website is much more than a portfolio for a hiring manager to look at. A personal website can tell stories. It is a canvas for me to share my stories, my work and perhaps more.

The internet, in my mind, is as diverse and culturally rich as the real world itself. For me, a personal website is a meditation on the question - What does it mean to have a home on the internet? Like a piece of land in the real world, a personal website is something I can point to and say, Hey, that is mine.

For a long time (almost 7 or 8 years?) I had a Squarespace website. It was there to fill the void of a portfolio all UI designers have and never really felt great to maintain or blog on. So finally, I have this - a personal website I have complete control over. A website designed and developed by me. I can easily add new posts on here and tweak the design with more freedom. It is my pet project and I love it!

And that is it. Like a little house on a street, this website is my little corner on this vast globe called the internet. It looks like many other homes but it is also uniquely mine. I hope to fill it with memories and tinker with details. Welcome to my corner on the internet.